Akrogen Catalog

Akrogen Catalog is directory which contains :

  • Components folder which contains XML components files.
  • Templates folder which contains templates (Freemarker, Velocity, XSLT) used by XML components.
  • Scripts folder which contains Javascript scripts used by XML components.
  • Wizards folder which contains XML wizards files. XML wizards refer to XML components files, which is able to call several XML components into the same Wizard.
  • Commands folder which contains Command files. Ant id sample of command type. With Command you can launch command (Ant target, Maven goal,...) with Eclipse wizard page to build/generate project (WEB, Struts,...).
  • catalog-config.akgncat.xml file which contains the hierarchy of XML Components and Wizards which composed the catalog. This file can be generated automaticly.

XML component/XML Wizard access is done with Catalog view or with contextual Akrogen menu.

You can use Blank catalog to start quickly your catalog.