Akrogen Plugin Installation

Akrogen works only with Eclipse version 3.2.*.

Akrogen Plugin Installation is done with Eclipse Update Manager by using the mode Local Site.

Installation with Local Site

  • Download zipped distribution org.akrogen.eclipse.site_version.zip of Akrogen Local Site on sourceforge.
  • Unzip the distribution on your disk.
  • Launch Eclipse and access to the Update Manager with menu Help/Software Updates/Find and install...
  • Into Feature Updates window, select Search for new features to install, click on Next button.
  • Click on New local Site button and select the directory which contains the site.xml file on unzipped Akrogen distribution.
  • Click on OK button and on Finish button.
  • Select "the features" Akrogen et click on Next button.
  • Accept the license et click on Next button.
  • Click on Finish button.
  • Click on Install All button to launch the installation.
  • Eclipse open a window to restart workbench. Click on Yes button.