This component is meant to generate JPA enabled Beans . This is done by the following Component :

Please note that in this version, the dto generation component does not provide full support for every annotation attribute. You can expect next versions to provide such a feature.

As shown in the component snapshot, you can visually configure these options :

  • Package : the target JPA Bean package.
  • Class name : the target JPA Bean class name.
  • Super class : the target JPA Bean super class.
  • Table : the name of the database table (generates the @Table annotation).
  • Attributes : the JPA Bean attributes (Generates @Entity, @Embeddable and @MappedSuperclass annotations).
  • Inheritance : The JPA inheritance mode.
  • Fields : Here you can specify the JPA Bean fields. You can specify the field name, its java type, the annotation you want to associate it with and the corresponding column name.

You can click on Preview button to preview generated code :

Click on the Finish button to generate the JPA Bean java source file.