Struts 1.x/action-mapping

This component is enable to update struts-config XML file by adding Action definition (action element) with this wizard page :

If you open component with Struts1 Wizard, fields are pre-filled.

forward path parameter is read-only because Must generate JSP checkbox is checked by default. It means that you can generate JSP with wizard page. forward path will be updated by JSP name generated into JSPForm XML component. If you don't want generate JSP file, you must uncheck the checkbox. forward path become read-write.

You can click on Preview button to preview generated code :

form bean name field must refer to a form-bean defined into struts-config. XUL field used here is combo (menulist) which display all form-bean which are defined into struts-config. (This is done with dynamique XUL). Ce qui permet d'éviter de faire des erreurs de saisies.

Click on Next button to fill fields of the next component.