Struts 1.x/Action

This component is enable to generate Action class with this wizard page :

If you have opened the component with Struts1 Wizard, fieldsare pre-filled. To pre-fill fields, Struts1 Wizard use Javascript Pour pré-remplir ces champs, le Wizard Struts1 définit des scripts Javascript which follow following rules :

  • Action package take value of ActionForm package by removing form and adding at end action.
  • classe Action name take value of name of ActionForm class by removing Form and adding at end Action extension.

If rules used, don't please you, you can modify scriptr to manage wizard Struts1 like you want.

If you open component directly, you must fill package and class name. JAVA file name and output base directory are filled with package and class name value.

You can click on Preview button to preview generated code :

Click on Next button to fill fields of the next component.